What’s the biggest number you can think of?

What’s the BIGGEST number?

Pebbles the butterfly wants to know! He travels the world in search of the answer, asking every animal he meets.

Along the way, he must escape an earthquake, outrun an avalanche, and fly over a tsunami. Luckily, his new friends are there to lend him a hand . . . or a paw.

Will Pebbles ever find the biggest number? Flutter in and find out!

This is, bar none, the best children’s book I’ve ever encountered.

Adarsh N.

Book Features

Hover to flip the cards!

Learn about BIG numbers, some that even most adults don't know about!
Travel with Pebbles to different places with gorgeously illustrated pages.
Learn facts about science related to the planet and its phenomena.

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Book Sources

Are you curious like Pebbles and want to learn more? Here are some sources to get you started.

Try a Hands-on Activity!

Ms. Crab is teaching her class about the numbers 1 thousand, 1 million, and 1 billion. Her students can’t agree which number is the biggest. Help Ms. Crab by creating three sand models of each number!


Inspiration for this book came from a conversation Joey Benun had with his nieces and nephews one day. Who knew that kids found BIG numbers so exciting?

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