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Pebbles is an excellent addition to any STEM bookshelf.

by Publishers Weekly


Kirkus Reviews

Kids love counting, but not many counting books for young readers focus on the really BIG numbers in science and the natural world. Pebbles and the Biggest Number introduces early readers to the abstract ideas of magnitude and predictability—core concepts for both math and science.

The Children’s Book Review

Fantastic as both an introduction or teaching tool for large number concepts, Pebbles and the Biggest Number is an excellent addition to any STEM bookshelf.


BookLife by Publishers Weekly

An immaculately designed book for children that will help them discover the world. Complete with interesting scientific facts, such as the temperature of the sun, each page is also a learning experience, alongside Pebbles’ engaging quest.

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Write With Light Publications

This book simplifies complicated mathematical concepts and makes learning about them fun.


US Review of Books

Colorful, approachable illustrations of friendly characters and a focus on fun facts help this picture book transcend its theme about numbers to one about discovering the world around you.

BlueInk Review​

Everything about this book deserves a second
look—even the endpapers, which feature the various animals Pebbles encounters on his journey! The book is sure to prompt “wondering” moments for young readers and grown-ups alike.

Children's Literature

“Pebbles” offers an impressive wealth of knowledge with numerous teachable moments for the parent to expand upon as their child grows. It is the perfect addition to any homeschool, daycare, or family library.

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